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Hangzhou Zhaofeng Entertainment Products Factory

Established in 1994,Hangzhou Zhaofeng Entertainment Products Factory was the first factory to manufacture automatic Mahjong Table(mahjong machine)in mainland China.

We can made Mahjong Tiles with sizes from 28*21*16.2mm or more.

We assure that all our products are of high value and unique.

If you are interested in our automatic Mahjong tables, please feel free to contact us to get further information.

Automatic Mahjong table adopts the working principle of electricity, light and magnetism, and it is controlled by microcomputer programs. It can effectively achieve the automatic shuffling and dealing of Mahjong tiles, and automatic dice tossing in a quick and fair way, with stable performance,long period of non-malfunction,and adding entertainment interests. It used two diffentely colors Mahjong Tiles with magnetic.

We offer quality, service and price. We understand the needs of our clients and execute them accurately,efficiently and cost effectively in the finished product.

We consistently strive for excellence!

We are looking for distributor in your country,hope to works together with you long time.

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